Gated Communities, How Secure they are?

More people are choosing to live in gated communities, including many first time home buyers who like the safety, security, and “lifestyle” that these private neighborhoods offer.

Gated communities are marketed as exclusive properties with resort pools, fitness centers, and manicured grounds. They also offer access control, and 24 hour security. You are not just buying a home, you are also buying the promise of a safe place where your kids can play outside and it safe to go out after dark.

How Safe Are Gated Communities?

Gated communities seem safe, but recent studies suggest that this is more a matter of perception than reality. According to the “Wall Street Journal” there is little or no difference between crime statistics in gated and non-gated communities with the same socio-economic characteristics. In fact, gated communities can sometimes offer a more attractive target to thieves and other criminals.

Soft Target: Gated communities are viewed as affluent. This creates a natural target for thieves, particularly professional criminals looking for high-value targets. Many homeowner in these neighborhoods take security for granted. They don’t arm their alarms and, in some cases, don’t lock their doors. They rely on external security measures to keep their property and persons safe.

Why This Doesn’t Work:  While many communities have impressive gates and other entry points, they don’t have comprehensive, security grade perimeter walls. It is easy for a criminal to access the grounds by finding an un-walled area, climbing over the wall, or cutting through a fence. Additionally, many gates are left unlocked and unattended. Even manned gates can be bypassed if a criminal has the correct code. These codes are often well know since they are shared with workman and guests.

Impressive gates can also lull homeowners into a false sense of security. They become irresponsible and abandon simple common sense security practices like locking their doors and windows, setting their alarms, and securing their vehicles.

The best deterrent to crime in a gated community is the presence of 24 hour, uniformed, mobile security patrols. Adequate and visible security patrols decreases crime in all neighborhoods, but they are most effective in a defined geographic area – like a gated community. Some studies suggest that the presence of uniformed security officers and 24 hours patrols in a gated community can decrease burglaries as much as the presence of a nearby police station.

For real security, take common sense precautions to protect your property and your person. Lock your doors, use your alarm system, be aware of your surroundings. Be alert to dangers and take notice of things that are out of the ordinary. For added protection, insist that your gated community have 24 hour, uniformed security patrols.

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